24.04.2012 #
Eternity Dedicates Percentage of Profits to Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre As Part of Its CSR Programme in the UAE

The association is supported by agreement, signed by Feras Dahlan, the Chairman of Eternity Art & Culture Foundation at the press conference that took place in Rashid Pediatric Centre on April 24th, 2012. The agreement states that, in an effort to adopt humanitarian approach and demonstrate commitment to the welfare of the society, Eternity Art & Culture Foundation will dedicate ten percent (10%) of its annual net profit as a charitable contribution for the development and needs of Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre. In addition, members of Eternity Art & Culture Foundation and its visiting painters have committed to conducting educational art workshops with the children of Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre on monthly basis with the hopes to encourage artistic expression and exchange of creative talent.

Upon signing of the agreement, Mr. Dahlan also presented Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre with marine-theme triptych by a young Russian artist as a token of appreciation for the establishment of the relation between two organizations and a symbol of goodwill towards the future growth and collaboration.

“I believe this is the first milestone of a fruitful and evolving cooperation between Eternity and Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre, as well as a launching point of the Eternity CSR drive in the UAE,” said Feras Dahlan, Chairman of Eternity Art & Culture Foundation.

“The Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre is indeed privileged to be associated with Eternity Art & Culture Foundation,” said Mariam Othman, Director Rashid Pediatric Centre. “As a humanitarian organization Rashid Centre constantly needs support from sponsors for its ongoing programmes, and the centre is looking forward to a lasting relationship with Eternity Art & Culture Foundation,” Ms. Othman added.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Eternity Art & Culture Foundation strongly believes in giving back to the community in which the foundation operates in through investing into its healthcare and education.

“If we can contribute to helping these children develop their own artistic means of expression, allow them to visualize their imagination and express emotion on paper,  thus creating more opportunities for the future generation in this region, then the presence of Eternity Art & Culture Foundation in the UAE will be justified,” said Vladimir Burdun, CEO of Eternity Art & Culture Foundation.

Ms. Othman also commented that the initiative from Eternity is highly appreciated.  “The educational art workshops will motivate and encourage our students to further improve their artistic skills.  Our students will be very excited with the workshops, thanks for the kind gesture and the donation plans from the net profit,” she stated.