01.06.2012 #
It’s Raining Confetti in Dubai Ladies Club

Eternity Art & Culture Foundation presents “It’s Raining Confetti”, an exhibition of works by a young yet famous artist Daria Blizhenskaya. The exhibition will run from June 1st to June 30th in Dubai Ladies Club.

The paintings you will see in June are nothing less than vibrant mixture of palettes with the underlying abstract vision of reality. They exude positivity and lightness that is difficult to ignore no matter what mood you are in. A refreshing, powerful and extremely intelligent painter, Daria Blizhenskaya is endowed with magnificent creative inventiveness.

Through her work Daria attempts to express the reflection of universal connection of things, in her paintings you will find every little detail interlinked with the others. Daria believes that there are no consequences in the circle of life, as all of our lives are intertwined one way or another. An even deeper aspiration is to make every viewer reflect the connection between the painting and their own unconscious inner self.

Well, ladies have the chance to see it for themselves by visiting Dubai Ladies Club this June.