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Stone. Scissors. Paper - at Interior360

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Art Eternity & Interior 360 present “Stone. Scissors. Paper”, an exhibition of works by the famous Russian contemporary artists Sergey Polyakov and Michael Petrov-Kaban. The exhibition will run from January 29th to February 21st at Interior 360 in Al Quoz, Dubai.

The exhibition is organized under the Patronage of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Dubai by Art Eternity LLC with the support of the Art & Culture Department of the Russian Business Council in Dubai and Northern Emirates.

The honored guest of the opening ceremony of the exhibition was an artist Sergey Polyakov, who came from Moscow specially for the event and a launch of the new "Art Plus" art concept magazine. Consul General of the Russian Federation in Dubai HE Gocha Buachidze with the spouse and Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Dubai HE Askar Shokybayev with the spouse were among the distinguished guests of the event.

Art lovers, collectors, members of the Russian speaking community in the UAE, local and international PR and media professionals were enjoying the evening with true masterpieces of different time periods by Sergey Polyakov and Michail Petrov-Kaban. The paintings on display are nothing less than vibrant mixture of palettes ant unique techniques with the underlying abstract vision of reality.

Sergey Polyakov is member of International Federation of Professional Russian Artists, with more than 160 solo exhibitions. Today Sergey’s artworks are showcased at Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Arts, Bahrushin’s State Museum of Dramatic Art, Belarusian State Museum of Art, Tatarstan Republic Art Museum, Kostroma city Art Museum, Yaroslavl city Art Museum; Art Galleries – M Ars, Kino, Hlebnikova Gallery, Yara’s Gallery in Russia, and Mill River Gallery, Ann Castello Gallery in US. Some of his masterpieces are owned and exhibited in private collections of Dudakov, Yastrjembskii family, Barshevskiy, Colodseus Art Foundation (US), Art Eternity (UAE) and other collections in Russia and abroad.

The style of Michael Petrov-Kaban experts and critics call “mystic realism”, and the artist himself agrees with this term with the only correction that he would prefer his style to be related to “magic realism” as most of the time inspiration for his masterpieces are found in parallel worlds of creativity, such as poetry, music, cinema, and literature. Michael Petrov-Kaban is a Member of Russian Professional Artists Union. Most of his masterpieces are sold out to private collections worldwide - in Russia, Germany, Slovakia, USA, England, Malta and other states.

The duration of the exhibition is scheduled to be one month from the opening day in order to let as many as possible contemporary art lovers and collectors from the UAE and other countries to attend it at the convenient time and to enjoy the true spirit of Russian art.

All pieces displayed can be reserved and purchased during the exhibition at interior360 Gallery and afterwards at Art Eternity LLC.


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