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Young Russian talent works to be displayed at "Mayovka@Garage" art exhibition

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ART Eternity LLC and ART Plus Journal are proud to introduce Ekaterina Alekseeva, as the youngest participant of the concept Russian Contemporary Art exhibition "Mayovka@GARAGE" on May 1, 2013.

Ekaterina Alekseeva was born on the 24th of December 2002 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Until  today, Ekaterina lives in Abu Dhabi and continues her studies in the secondary British School Al-Khubairat.

From an early age, she was a child who had a lot of interest in communicating with people. She was eager to learn new things and from the age of just one year old, Ekaterina dedicated herself to drawing and coloring. Her collection of color pencils and coloring books was indescribably large. She used to draw everywhere, no matter on the place: in supermarkets, in the shopping malls, in cars...

In January 2012, Ekaterina started taking home  private lessons with a Professional Russian artist from St. Petersburg, Olga Dmitrieva-Byrne. Under tight control of the teacher, progress was clearly visible. Olga teaches Ekaterina the basics of painting, such as: correctly mixing colors, shading, toning etc...

The young artist already participated in two art exhibition competitions:
1. 'We draw in UAE' - Abu Dhabi, May 2012 (2 Grand Prizes)
2. 'Children Draw their World' - Russian Embassy, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2012 (Grand Prize)

Ekaterina loves painting and learning new techniques and styles. She manages this, by getting more knowledge from her teacher, as well as other sources.

Don't miss it! Ekaterina's works to be displayed during "Mayovka@GARAGE" art exhibition, organized by ART Eternity LLC and ART Plus Journal!


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