13.06.2013 #
Hollywood Stars are Coming to Dubai!

Renowned Hollywood actor Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa, who was starring in the "Showdown in Little Tokyo" blockbuster in 1991 and many other action movies, and a famous Hollywood producer Erken Ialgashev are coming to Dubai under the invitation of the ART Eternity LLC.

Here they will participate in the shooting of the short movie for ART Eternity along with actors of the Alterum Theatre from Moscow. The theatre troupe is also coming to Dubai under the ART Eternity invitation and will participate in the series of master-classes and workshops in Madinat Jumeirah in June.

It is expected that all actors are going to be guests of honor at the Russian Consulate General in Dubai and Northern Emirates Gala-dinner on the occasion of the Russian National Day celebration.

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