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Art exhibition by renowned artist Aleksandr Filippov at Anantara South Residence, Palm Jumeirah

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Renowned Russian artist Aleksandr Filippov, along with Art Media will unveil his latest creative works, no doubt to the delight of art lovers, at Anantara Residences, South Residence, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, from the 5th-11th March.

Art Media, who are organising the event with Anantara Residences, will be displaying 23 original pieces from the artist. All of Filippovs artwork that is being displayed are from ART Medias own Russian contemporary art collection in the UAE and Filippov, who has been exhibiting his work since 1994, and has continued to do so for over 20 years, will be displaying his art for the first time in Dubai in March, with a collection of artwork inspired by his travels and memories of his childhood.

‘Hosting the exhibition is incredibly exciting for us, Filippov is such a fantastic artist it is a real pleasure to exhibit his work, it really is inspirational’ said Abdulla Bin Sulayem, CEO Seven Tides, developer of the Anantara Residences. ‘This is a great opportunity for art lovers to see such a talented artist’s work, and we are really thrilled to be unveiling 23 original pieces of art for the first time.’

Filippov, was born in Guryevsk City, Russia in 1958 and was inspired to become an artist by his father. Encouraged to draw from an early age, the majority of his work features water scenes from the various city’s he’s lived in. He moved to Odessa City in 1975, which features in his latest work. After graduating from Kursk State Education College with an art and graphics major it was only a few years (1994) until Filippov was offered the chance to hold a solo exhibition. This number quickly grew to 20 exhibitions within 18 years.


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