About us


Eternity Art & Culture Community, established in 2010, is a one-of-a-kind association of artists, photographers, art experts and critics, art and culture academics, businessmen, and lawyers, who came together to introduce the renowned Russian culture to the world.

At Eternity Art & Culture Community we believe that Art is our lifestyle, hence the heart of the company is not only the art itself, but also the passion for it. Each member of Eternity has his/her own collection of masterpieces, as well as extensive experience in the world of contemporary art and photography.

If art moves you, Eternity Art & Culture Community is for you.

Our Vision

Eternity Art & Culture Community aims to introduce the renowned Russian school of art, as well as Russian culture and heritage to the Gulf by bringing the best masterpieces of modern art to exhibit them in the region.

Eternity Art & Culture Community team sees a boundless potential in contemporary Russian art and is eager to show it to the word in full scale.

Our Goals

1. To enrich the young and fast-developing federation of the UAE with the eternal artworks representing one of the best schools of art — Russian.

2. To fill infinite empty wall spaces in newly developed projects (residences, apartments, offices, etc.) with inspiring and timeless artworks.

3. To educate the public about the modern art, and to raise people’s taste for eternal artworks regardless of cultural and language difference, age, gender, occupation, and backgrounds.

Our Contacts

P.O. Box 454265, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 4207902