Alterum Theatre

Alterum Theatre is a new topical project in up-to-date art and on the experimental stage. It is innovation visual theatre. It is nonverbal, choreographic, physical theatre, working at the joints of different genres and styles.

It is unique because of its special combination of different plastic, choreographic and mime techniques with the components of the physical theatre, visual techniques and original music. This is a mix of body plastic, drama and dance…

It is notable for live images and special atmosphere of its performances. It carries out the dialogue with the audience through the “physics of body and motion”.

Its performances are filled with sence and philosophy of cognition and analysis of the surrounding world through art.

Every performance is a fascinating action, where sometimes dancing turns into stage motion and abstract forms evolve into choreography, borders between styles and genres disappear and evident becomes shaky but phantasmagoria turns into reality.

Alterum Theatre is synthesis of everything new, progressive and original, a real creative laboratory for choreographers, dancers, musicians, stage directors and artists.

Alterum Theatre has a number of performances and stage plays of wide range modern choreography from street dance style to original mime and drama.

The play “Locked up”, a short trip in closed space


Timing: 60 minutes

It is a performance-phantasmagoria, a performance-reflection. A mystic old magician locks the characters of the performance in a secret room and manipulates them as if they were his toys. He is a creator and a destructor, a researcher and an experimenter. He gives birth to life, plays back the wheel of evolution during a few minutes on the stage, peeps in future. He is overcome by fear, he is filled with doubts. He has a lot of faces…

This play is about us, human beings, locked up in circumstances, looking for the way out, for the key to the secret room. It is about our freedom and unfreedom, our loneliness among people, about our fears and doubts, search of the way to ourselves, about love and hate…

This performance is speculation about who we are and why we have come to this world, what is truth… It is a performance-recognition of our past and an attempt to look into future, it is about our losses and possessions. It is nostalgia for unfulfilled desires and hopes.

The play “Mirror for the soul”


Timing: 60 minutes

Mystic and phantasmagoric travel along the dark alleys of your soul and subconsciousness.

What may happen if you chance to find yourself in the attic of the old deserted house where you were born and grew up. In the attic filled with things from your childhood and youth,with nostalgia and pictures from bygone days. You can find a letter from your past…, see a mirror and look at yourself in the mirror for a long time…

You are carried away by your memories… Slips of the past, the pain of the past losses, the feeling of guilt, uncertainty and impossibility to turn the “wheel” back fill your heart. Mystic mirror turns you inside out and you fall into a deep “well” of your soul…

“Mirror For Your Soul” is a phantasmagoric specularion about the soul search during all your life, a peculiar detached view at yourself and into yourself. We live, fall in love, suffer, sometimes we are very happy, but happiness only lasts a moment. We lose, we win, we take care of, we give the warmth of our heart to, we hurt somebody, often subconsciously, unpurposly. This performance is about our losses, sacrifices about the time when we realize the significance of what we have lost.

Our soul is light and dark, white and black at the same time. In fact it is, as well as the world around us, many-coloured and many-sided. Light can't be without dark, and even the dark side of our soul is capable of light manifestation. Sometimes black becomes white and white — black, it depends…

You can't change your past. You only can understand it and accept it.

Performance “Connexion”


Timing: 20 minutes

This performance is the result of the creative work of the Alterum Theatre, Da Boogie Crew, musicians, street dancers, Predatorz breaking crew, parcur-acrobats and MC Motoman.

You'll enjoy live sound, theatrical miniatures, the wonderful technique of modern urban dance styles, from loking, popping to breaking and contemporary choreography, acrobatic tricks.

Other performances

Alterum Theatre would like to present a few independent performances:




All of our long time performances can be divided into short time parts.