Aleksandr Filippov

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Alexander Filippov was born in 1958 in Guryevsk city, Kemerov district, Russia. From 1968 to 1975 the artist lived in Novokuznetsk city, from 1975-1979 – in Odessa city, Ukraine.

Since 1979 Alexandr lives in Stariy Oskol city, Belgorod district, Russia.
1989 – graduated from Kursk State Education College, Art and Graphics major
1994-2012 – held over 20 solo exhibitions in Belgorod district, Russia
1992-2000 – worked in Oskol Electro Metallurgical Plant as a designer for industrial esthetics
1997-2001 – active participant of extreme catamaran sailing and Russian extreme competitions at Belaya river, Adygea republic
Since 2001 – has been working as an artist in the Stariy Oskol House of Art
Since 2006 – has been teaching in Belgorod Mechanical and Technical College
2006 – becomes a member of Russian Artist Union
2003 - 2011 – participant of various plein-airs in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, United States, etc.
2011 – solo exhibition, Dolinina’s Art Gallery, Odintsovo city, Russia

Filippov's artworks can be found in Stariy Oskol State Museum; Belgorod District Art Museum; Gomel city art gallery, Belarus; Sorokin’s Art Museum, Lipetsk city, Russia; and private collections in the USA, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and Belgium.



Sea is one of Filippov’s favorite themes. Not every artist can express its deepness, transparency, movements of waves, and sunrays sparkles within them, but Filippov accomplishes all of that in full. Moreover, Filippov’s sea is always different – it can be cold and inclement, or tender and caressing, but it’s always recognizable – it is the sea that you can only find in the city where he was born — Odessa, Ukraine.

Filippov’s most favorite genre is undoubtedly plein-air – he likes drawing from life and he never tires of it. There are a lot of sketches in his collection that reflect different seasons: fragile and tender spring, multicolored summer, orange fall, and the winter of Oskol city.

The painter appreciates the beauty in everyday life and ordinary things around him. In that sense, his artworks can be considered somewhat of a remedy from the bustle of city life. Through contemplation of his art, spectators can find a reason to stop for a while and look around, to see the beauty of an ordinary day and some special moments they would have missed otherwise. 

Each artist has its own zest – the peculiarity of the style that establishes the artist’s individuality and distinguishes him/her from others. Critics tried to define this dominant in artworks of Alexander Filippov and called it “lyricism”, an esthetical way of discovering the world, where the captured emotional experience is the foundation. The artist sees something that touches his feelings and tries to express this particular emotion in the artwork, shares it with other people thus inviting them to feel emotional participation and empathy. 

Looking at his paintings unconsciously brings each spectator to the understanding of what the artist was trying to say, the meaning he hid under each stroke. His works “transport” you to the places where they were painted.

“There’s nothing more important and more pleasant for the real artist than a blank canvas on the easel, the smell of fresh colors and the first brush stroke,” says Alexandr.