Andrey Pliev

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Andrey Pliev was born in 1964 in Vladikavkaz, North Osetia.

1972 - 1980 - Attended Sculpture section in Pioneer Palace of Vladikavkaz.
1975 - 1979 - Studied in Maharbek Turaganov Children’s Art School, Vladikavkaz.
1980 - 1984 - Studied in Art College, Majoring in Metal Art, Vladikavkaz.
1987 - 1993 - Studied in Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Vasiliy Surikov, Majoring in Sculpture, art school of professor Bondarenko. 
1994 - 1996 - Internship – assistant of professor in Moscow State Academic Art Institute.
Since 1996 - Associate Professor of Sculpture in Russian Academy of Art, Sculpture and Architecture. 
Since 1998  -  Member of Artists Union.
Since 1990 Andrey has been participating in various student, youth, Russian, regional, and solo exhibitions.

In his work Andrey tries to understand the world, its essence, and his place in it. He relays his own understanding of it through the means of expression.

Throughout different periods of his life Andrey was majorly influenced by the Russian school of sculpture, as well as the Italian Renaissance, predominantly Michelangelo’s masterpieces.

In portrait sculpture the benchmark of his ideal is based on the Roman portrait technique. When it comes to plastic art and the understanding of shapes – Andrey’s admiration lays with Greek sculpture school. He was also influenced by the masters from Osetia school of sculpture – Gadaev, Soskiev, and Tsarikaev. However, the sculptor does not consider himself the follower of any particular school, rather he tries to find something of his own, not necessarily innovative or unique, but something that suits him and is most reflective of his own perceptions and moods.

Because of that, instead of considering himself a mature and established artist, Andrey prefers to describe himself as one who is in continuous search and forever doubtful.