Daria Blizhenskaya

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“Van Gogh…With a touch of Russia;”

Khaleej Times

Born in a small village Stary Oskol in Russia in 1980, Daria Blizhenskaya has been involved in art since her early years. Daria and her older brother Euzheniy, both successful Russian artists, painted together at home during their childhood. At the age of nine Daria attended private art school where her talent was quickly noticed by her teachers. In 1997, determined to spread happiness by creating beauty, Daria Blizhenskaya left her city, and moved to metropolitan Voronezh, where she was admitted to one of the best art universities in Russia, Voronezh State University. It was during this period that she had absorbed and started expressing in her works the ideas and influences of Van Gogh, Monet, and Gustav Klimt, producing impressionist works that already more than hinted at her positive and effervescent style.

As in many Russian academic families, Daria and her older brother were raised on Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. In fact, in most of her painting we can see the influence of these writers and the culture of old Russia. Extravagant women who exude femininity, self-confidence and class are one of the main themes of the artist’s early works.

Following her heart, Daria moved to Montreal and settled there. In her more recent works she paints Montreal’s cathedrals and streets, pursuing more architectural subject. Here, she also discovers her unique distinctive style.

Daria’s canvases are nothing less than vibrant mixture of colors with an underlying abstract vision of reality. A positive, powerful and highly intelligent painter, Daria Blizhenskaya is endowed with magnificent creative inventiveness.

“The activity of art is based on the fact that a man, receiving through his sense of hearing or sight another man's expression of feeling, is capable of experiencing the emotion which moved the man who expressed it.”
— Leo Tolstoy

1997-2002 Voronezh State Art University, MA Fine Arts, Voronezh, Russia


  • “Cities and Generations”, May 2009, Sophia, Bulgaria
  • “New Women from the Past”, November 2008 at Gallery ArtDeko, Montreal, Canada,
  • “Cities and Generations”, October 2008 at Russian Art Center
  • Le Corona, December 2007 Montreal, Canada
  • Ora Restaurant Cancer Foundation Gala, Montreal, Canada
  • Design Exhibition, Voronezh, Russia
  • Annual Visual Arts Exhibition at Voronezh State University 2003, Voronezh, Russia
  • Regional Art and Design Exhibition in Voronezh, Russia 2003
  • Regional Art and Design Exhibition in Voronezh, Russia 2002
  • Regional Art Exhibition “ Youth of the Chernozem” Voronezh, Russia 2002