Evgeniy Kravcov

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Evgeniy M. Kravtsov was born in 1965 in Altay district, Russia. In 1989 he graduated from Novoaltaysk Art Institute. Throughout 1989-90 Evgeniy was teaching arts in Novoaltaysk Art Institute. In 1996 he graduated from Russian Academy of Art, Sculpture, and Architecture. The favorite theme of Kravtsov’s art is a nature of Russian North, where the artist frequently travels as a part of creative expeditions. The results of such trips are a number of renowned masterpieces. 

These works continue traditions of Russian artists, such as Levitan, Turzhansky, Byalinistky-Birulya. One of the characteristics of Kravtsov’s early works is a cold dimmed palette. In later works the artist enhances this technique and focuses on graphics and texture of objects – he creates his own art technique by combining oil and sepia on canvas.

The artist has been living and working in Korostelevo city, Vladimirsky district, Russia. The predominant genre in his latest works is still life that represents everyday life: garlic, baskets, table surface, etc. And these still life paintings are close to the works of American Andrew White, both in the image and its expression. The highlights of his latest works are “Spilled Milk”, “Thistle”, “Peace”, and “Tumbleweed”.

In comparison with other artists who prefer modern and avant-garde styles, Kravtsov is the real Russian artist who expresses the Russian soul through each of his artworks.

Evgeniy is an active participant of group and solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His artworks are exhibited in Russian Academy of Art, Architecture and Sculpture Museum, as well as in private collections in Russia, France, England, Italy, and the USA.


1994 – the 1st exhibition of Russian Academy of Art, Architecture and Sculpture, Moscow city

1994 – 1st solo exhibition, 7 Tacks Gallery, Russian-American press centre, Moscow

1994 – solo exhibition, Central Art House, Moscow

1995 – “Young Artists of Siberia”, Slavic Centre, Moscow

1996 – “Exhibition of 4”, Central Art House, Moscow

1999 – solo exhibition, State Exhibition Hall “Zamoskvorechye”, Moscow

2004 – solo exhibition “Sleek Light”, GELOS-Heritage Gallery, Moscow

2005 – “Eternal Topic” exhibition, Art Yar Gallery

2005-2012 – Multiple solo and joint exhibitions in Russia, USA, France, England, Italy and other countries.