Sergey Poliakov

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Sergey Poliakov was born in 1956 in Gomel city, Belarus. In 1968 he moved to Moscow, Russia, and in 1980 graduated from Moscow Art College. In 1987 the artist received his degree from Surikov’s Moscow State Art Intsitute. In 1992, Sergey became a member of International Federation of Professional Russian Artists.

Today you can find Sergey’s artworks in Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Bahrushin’s State Museum of Dramatic Art, Belarusian State Museum of Art, Tatarstan Republic Art Museum, Kostroma city Art Museum, Yaroslavl city Art Museum; Art Galleries –M Ars, Kino, Hlebnikova Gallery, Yara’s Gallery in Russia, and Mill River Gallery, Ann Castello Gallery in US. Some of his masterpieces are owned and exhibited in private collections of Dudakov, Yastrjembskih, Barshevskiy, Colodseus Art Foundation (US), and other collections in Russia and abroad.

Sergey Poliakov is a participant of the following art exhibitions:

1983 – Young Artists Art Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
1985 – 16th Young Artists Art Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
1986 – 17th Young Artists Art Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
1988 – “Labirint” Art Exhibition, Moscow, Russia; “Young Russian Artists”, Tokyo, Japan
1989 – “Christianity. Traditions. Modernity”, Moscow city, Russia
1990 – 1st solo exhibition, Russia. Solo exhibition, Mill River Gallery, Massachusetts, USA
1991 – “Wheel of Fortune” joint exhibition, Moscow, Russia
1992 – Solo exhibition, Lowenstein Gallery, Lincoln’s Centre Fordem University, New York, USA; Solo exhibition, Somerset Gallery, New York, US. Spring/summer exhibition, Moscow, Russia
1993 – Solo exhibition, UN Library, New York, USA; Solo exhibition, M Ars Gallery, Moscow city, Russia
1994 – Solo exhibition, “Russian Cultural Centre” Gallery, Moscow, Russia; Art exhibition in Slovakian National Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia; “Russian Golden Brush” competition, Moscow, Russia
1995 – Solo exhibition, Central House of Art, Moscow, Russia; “20 Years Later” art exhibition devoted to bulldozer exhibition 1975; Art exhibition at Gogol Boulevard, Moscow
1996 – Russian Collection Gallery’s art exhibition, Moscow, Russia; “Europe ART” International Fair, Genève, Switzerland
1997 – “Russian Golden Brush” competition, Moscow, Russia; “Relicts” project, Khlebnikova Gallery, Moscow
1998 – Art Exhibition at Bakhrushin’s Dramatic Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
1999 – Solo exhibition, Moscow, Russia; “Russian Golden Brush” competition, Moscow; Solo exhibition, Art Museum, Kostroma, Russia
2001 – Solo exhibition, Bakhrushin’s Dramatic Art Museum Gallery, Moscow, Russia; Solo exhibition, Russian Art Academy, Moscow, Russia
2002 – “Artists of Ornamental Art Magazine” exhibition, Art Academy’s Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia; Solo exhibition, Gelikon Opera Theatre, Russia
2003 – Solo exhibition, Centre of Liberal and Conservative Politics, Moscow, Russia; Yara’s Gallery solo exhibitions (October, December), Moscow, Russia; “Art in Interiors” exhibition, Central House of Art, Moscow, Russia
2004 – Art exhibition, Gallery A, Moscow, Russia; Yara’s Gallery art exhibitions: “Lux Art salon”, “Art Manège”, Moscow; Solo exhibition, Centre of Liberal and Conservative Politics, Moscow, Russia
2005 – Solo exhibition, Yara’s Gallery, Moscow, Russia; “Infospace” fair, Moscow; “Art Manège” fair, Moscow
2006 – Solo Exhibition at «Vert» gallery; “Russia Exposed” art exhibition, Moscow, Russia; Solo anniversary art exhibition, Central House of Art, Moscow, Russia; “ArtGraph” fair, Moscow, Russia
2008 – Solo exhibition, World Trade Centre, Moscow, Russia
2009 –“Scarlet Sails” art gallery, Moscow, Russia
2010 – Yara’s Gallery, Moscow, Russia