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Chronicles of Russian National Day

On 12 June of 2013 our great and proud country celebrated its national holiday, Russian National Day. It is one of the youngest holidays in the calendar, however it is already becoming increasingly popular. A Russian community, living in the UAE, is also excited to celebrate this date.

Reception in the Capital

On June 11th, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in UAE gave a celebratory event. The new Russian ambassador in the UAE, Alexander Efimov, congratulated the guests, among which were diplomatic representatives from other countries, as well as other government officials of United Arab Emirates; of businesses and media. In his speech, he remarked on the positive dynamic of the relationship between Russia and UAE; thanked UAE for their support in broadening this relationship into other spheres; as well as wished everyone health and prosperity on this holiday. The honorary guest in this celebratory event in Abu Dhabi became the UAE Minister of energy Suleiman Al Mazrui. All evening, in Abu Dhabi Beach Rotana where the event was hosted, the guests enjoyed piano music, engaging conversations and a lively atmosphere.

Competition "People and Dolphins"


Children Paintings Competition.
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