Dublin Guitar Quartet in Dubai

The Dubai Concert Committee – dccIs proud to announce its upcoming concert! World Classical Music Series on 28 April 2018. With its singular approach and eclectic programming, the Dublin Guitar Quartet sets itself apart from the crowd with its one:of:a:kind dedication to exploring classical/contemporary music from around the globe. By taking its audiences on a journey through many styles and sounds, the Dublin Guitar Читать далее

La Perle presents “Crazy”

The short film was shot by Canadian Cinematographer, Axel Laramée, renowned for his work on the videos of Hip-Hop star, J.Cole and Cirque du Soleil and La Perle. Larameé has set the piece to a stunning song called “Easy to Read” by the Montreal-based band, Milk & Bone. The footage portrays the emotions, strength and tenacity it takes to be a La Perle artist. It gives Читать далее