24.04.2012 #
Eternity Dedicates Percentage of Profits to Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre As Part of Its CSR Programme in the UAE
Eternity Art & Culture Foundation, a pioneering promoter of Russian art and culture in the Middle East, announced its association with Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre as part of its corporate social responsibility drive in the UAE. In the announcement, Eternity Art & Culture Foundation confirmed dedicating percentage of its profits as a charitable contribution to fund various needs of the Centre.    Read more

16.04.2012 #
Mystère de l’Art Russe − Evenings of True Russian Taste
Eternity Art & Culture Foundation, a pioneering promoter of Russian art and culture in the Middle East, held an exclusive private exhibition of Russian art entitled “Mystère de l’Art Russe”. The exhibition, which ran for two days from April 10th to 11th in a private location on the Palm Jumeirah Island, featured some of the best masterpieces of contemporary Russian art and offered its high-profile attendees two evenings of true Russian taste and entertainment.    Read more

View photo report

16.04.2012 #
New Paintings by Evgeniy Kravcov

Evgeniy Kravtsov’s works can be recognized by his use of cold subdued palettes. The uniqueness of his technique lays in the combination of oil and sepia on canvas. His latest works are mainly still life paintings of everyday objects around us.

01.04.2012 #
New Paintings by Aleksandr Filippov in the UAE

Eternity Art & Culture Foundation once again expands its art collection available in the UAE with the artworks of another talented Russian artist. Aleksandr Filippov’s works reflect breath-taking sceneries and views of Russia and other countries, they present a dynamic landscape with a hidden sparkle. 

21.03.2012 #
Eternity Art & Culture Foundation is pleased to welcome new masterpieces by Mikhail Kaban-Petrov

Being the master of mystique realism, Mikhail had created new pieces of art that reflect his signature style. Realistic and simple, yet bearing deep and philosophic meaning inside, his new artworks are must-see to those who know the value of the real contemporary art. See the new pieces here.

12.03.2012 #
Sculptures by Andrey Pliev

Eternity Art & Culture Foundation is finally expanding into sculpture art! Meet the first sculptor to join us: Andrey Pliev, a member of Russian Artists Union and Associate Professor of Sculpture in Russian Academy of Art, Sculpture and Architecture.

02.03.2012 #
Exclusive Interview: Russian School of Art is Unique

Dubai Chronicle had an exclusive interview with one of Eternity's painters - Mikhail Kaban-Petrov.

20.02.2012 #
New Artist joins Eternity Art & Culture Foundation

Eternity welcomes Elena Petrova, a creative Russian artist that found her niche and passion in still life art. Her beautiful paintings are now available in the UAE.
You can find her work here.

13.02.2012 #
New paintings by Daria Blizhenskaya

New paintings by Daria Blizhenskaya have just arrived, you can take a look at them here.

15.12.2011 #
Eternity Art & Culture Foundation Launched in the UAE
Eternity Art & Culture Foundation, a pioneering promoter of Russian art and culture in the Middle East, was officially launched in the United Arab Emirates during a glamorous event held at the Mehteran Theatre, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray on December 15th, 2011, under the patronage of the Embassy of Russian Federation in the UAE.    Read more

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