Mystère de l’Art Russe − Evenings of True Russian Taste

Eternity Art & Culture Foundation, a pioneering promoter of Russian art and culture in the Middle East, held an exclusive private exhibition of Russian art entitled “Mystère de l’Art Russe”. The exhibition, which ran for two days from April 10th to 11th in a private location on the Palm Jumeirah Island, featured some of the best masterpieces of contemporary Russian art and offered its high-profile attendees two evenings of true Russian taste and entertainment.

Both cultural evenings were sponsored and supported by Range Developments, a progressive Dubai-based real estate developer that focuses on developing hospitality projects in emerging markets and areas that benefit from significant volumes of pilgrims.

“It is small networking events like these, where guests include the jet-setters of the UAE public scene and influential decision makers, that allow for a true dialogue of cultures and contribute to developing cross-cultural awareness,” said Alena Siameshka, Business Development and Communications Director of Eternity Art & Culture Foundation.

Eternity Art & Culture Foundation aims to be the leading intermediary between artists, professional art galleries, and final consumers, thus contributing to the development of modern art on both local and international levels.

Key featured artists at the event included:

Aleksandr Filippov, a participant of various international art exhibitions, member of Russian Professional Artist Union, whose artworks can be found in Stariy Oskol State Museum; Belgorod District Art Museum; Gomel city art gallery, Belarus; Sorokin’s Art Museum, Lipetsk city, Russia; and private collections in the US, Germany, Poland, and Belgium.

Mikhail Kaban-Petrov, an artist with unique style that critics call “mystic realism”, who finds inspiration in  parallel worlds of creativity, such as poetry, music, cinema, and literature. Mikhail is a member of Russian Professional Artists Union, most of his works are sold out to private collections in Russia, Germany, Slovakia, United States, UK, Malta, and now UAE.

Sergey Poliakov, a member of International Federation of Professional Russian Artists, with over 160 solo exhibitions. His works can be found in Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Bahrushin’s State Museum of Art, Belarusian State Museum of Art, Tatarstan Republic Art Museum, Yaroslavl city Art Museum, Mill River Gallery and Ann Castello Gallery in the United States, as well as many more galleries and private collections around the world;

Daria Blizhenskaya, a participant of multiple international exhibitions in Canada, Russia, UK, Bulgaria, UAE, Oman, Bahrein etc., often compared to renowned impressionists Van Gough and Claude Monet, who has created a new dimension in the world of art — what critics have labeled as “confetti style”.

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