Bulgari Presents Divas’ Dream Tourbillon Phoenix

Synonymous with horological mastery and adorned with a gold-spangled Urushi lacquered dial, this creation magnificently highlights artistic mastery, as too does the Divas’ Dream Tourbillon Phoenix. Bulgari has always sought to magnify women and now adorns them with its most splendid watchmaking gem: the world’s thinnest repeater – a first in the realm of the greatest complication of all that is generally more coveted by men. The Divas’ Dream jewellery watch now chimes a crystal-clear melody to express the passing of time in the most sophisticated possible manner.

Sensual, romantic and resolutely Roman, Divas’ Dream naturally evokes its roots in the Eternal City: its elegance recalls its proud heritage in the jewellery expertise of Bulgari, whose origins endow its approach with unique legitimacy. With this creation, however, the Maison is offering an authentically new watch in the sphere of feminine luxury watchmaking. Blending the essence of jewellery with the ultimate horological complication is a bold step that Bulgari has taken without hesitation. The result is on a par with the mastery acquired by the Maison in its two chosen fields.

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