Le Fuchsia Collection by Yves Saint Laurent

It’s time to get your colour crush. Fuchsia is an iconic colour linked to the roots of the brand. A familiar signature, as classic as the leopard or the Majorelle blue; fuchsia was the colour for ruffles, ribbons, and bows; sparkling in its sophistication. In 1979, the original No.19Le Fuchsia lipstick was inspired by a vivid piece of fuchsia silk, deemed to be the perfect shade of pink to make a subversive statement. A colour so intense that it was at once the epitome of good taste, yet the opposite of the sophisticated grooming diktats of the time. Not everyone agreed. Who would wear such a scandalous colour? Given the success achieved by this new color, a real new trend appeared and spread among women who dared. No.19Le Fuchsia had arrived. A legend was born. Le Fuchsia collection exclusively available on www.sephora.com

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