Akillis presents the CaptureMe Collection

Somewhere between seduction, provocation and edginess, Akillis brings jewellery out of the box to truly reflect the vivaciousness of life. Forget hearts and flowers, because here, designer Caroline Gaspard breaks with all jewellery norms to evoke love in a different, modern and refreshingly innovative way. Akillis bites into the creation and dedicates itself fully to design. Its voracious passion for diamond and graphic lines is illustrated brilliantly in this new collection.

Look no further than Capture Me stunningly original triangular design motif, here seductive geometric designs offer a modern take on love, complete with its complexities, intensity and desire. Capturing the spirit of the time, this collection points towards temptation, disrupting the jewellery world’s norms to forge a new lexicon of love that is stripped of embellishment. You can forget figurative motifs with these fashionable, yet timeless designs.

Filled with bracelets and bands that are designed for both men and women, the collection forges a carnal collusion between the masculine and the feminine. This singularly universal collection is available in a selection of masculine and feminine designs with white gold and diamond bracelets and bands that can be paired together in way that marries the future and offers a true edgy celebration of romance.

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