Rene Caovilla collaborates with Mawaheb from Beautiful people

Rene Caovilla has collaborated with the determined artists at Mawaheb Art Studio to create four outstanding, limited edition sets of shoe boxes and dust bags which feature artwork from the studio’s inspiring students. The idea of the collaboration was conceived by Aarti Shah, a remarkable member of Rene Caovilla’s marketing team in Dubai, who is also a photography student at the studio. She found Mawaheb to be a place that inspired and encouraged her to follow her passion, despite any challenges that presented themselves. This was a place she felt safe and empowered; her goal was to share the Mawaheb experience with the world.

Moved by the message behind the concept and the talent that was nurtured at Mawaheb, Rene Caovilla wanted to create an immersive collaborative experience that would raise awareness for the studio and its invaluable contribution to the community.

Four artworks were laboriously selected to represent the spirit of the determined artists, both as individuals and as a collective. There are two Frida Kahlo designs; two interpretations created by two very different students, Leila and Abdullah. Leila is one of the older students at Mawaheb, with a natural penchant for using vibrant colors within her artworks as a reflection of her sunny personality. Abdullah, on the other hand, is a young Emirati artist who has an impeccable eye for detail. Their unique approaches create two distinct styles of artwork showcasing their different techniques and different outlooks.

Additionally, there are two collective abstract designs. Each piece is a work of art, created by over 20 artists over a span of a few weeks. These are a representation of the Mawaheb community, and how they work together to build an environment to overcome challenges.

To commemorate the collaboration, Rene Caovilla created a special window display inspired by the artworks at their Dubai Mall boutique and also hosted a memorable press breakfast at the Mawaheb Studio. Key media and influencers were invited to spend a morning meeting the artists, viewing the collaboration and experiencing Mawaheb firsthand. Guests were touched by the space, its indescribable energy and the warmth and determination of the artists there, offering them a one-of-a-kind, eye-opening glimpse into a world they never experienced before.

Priced at AED 150 per set, the Mawaheb x Rene Caovilla shoebox and dust bag sets are exclusively available for purchase at the Rene Caovilla boutique at The Dubai Mall. The sets, which can be purchased together with Rene Caovilla shoes or individually, ensure that 100% of the proceeds from each sale go towards supporting Mawaheb’s operations, so that many more people of determination are able to build their confidence and develop essential life skills through art.

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